The initial idea was this was meant to be a digital painting attempt, but as the process went on, I found doing it 3D by using Blender was easier.
Digital Painting Concept
In the above image, we have: top left - example of black glossy sphere, mid left - example of white glossy sphere, bottom left - placement example using red noses. To the right, we have the concept painted focusing on value.

Compared to the final render, I decided to move the band on the white ball up because the edge of the sphere was being lost.

After getting this far in the concept, my next step was to add some form of an AO pass (Ambient Occlusion). I saw this as an opportunity to practice my knowledge of AO.

To the left is my pencil attempt, done first, and on the right is an AO render using Blender, done after. I had expected the top half of the sphere to be completely white and then gradually get darker as through the second half. The AO render shows only at the very top is it pure white, and then it gradually gets darker.

After setting the scene up in Blender for the AO render, I concluded it would be easier to model the Tron-inspired balls in Blender.
Pencil Sketches
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